Pastries & Artisan Breads

Our pastries are made entirely from scratch every day. Doughs are rolled, shaped, and laminated by hand, then filled with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. And once they leave the oven, they head almost immediately upstairs for sale; meaning that nothing is baked a day or even hours ahead. If you have to wait a few extra minutes in the morning for your favorite croissant, it’s well worth it!

For bread to be considered “artisan”, at least one part of its production must be performed by hand. At La Mie, we go far beyond that. Our crusty European-style breads are weighed, shaped, scored by hand, and then baked on-site in a deck oven. We set out to achieve the highest level of color, flavor and texture, and controlling every step of the process on site allows us to do this.

Breads and pastries are available at La Mie 6 days a week and at the Des Moines Downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings from 7am – noon while in season.

We are currently redesigning our pastries and artisan breads menu. Please check back soon. Contact us with questions or to place an order!

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