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french toast with fresh blueberries, strawberries 6.95
french toast with peanut butter, bananas 6.95
steel cut oatmeal with bananas, dried fruit, brown sugar 4.95
greek yogurt with fruit, honey and granola 3.25
vanilla yogurt parfait, fresh fruit and granola 3.25
fresh fruit seasonal selection 3.75 / 5.95


  1. two eggs any style 3.95
  2. two eggs any style, bacon, spinach 6.50
  3. egg whites spinach and avocado 6.50
  4. vegetable scramble with vegetables, spinach and avocado 6.95
  5. Eggs, quinoa and black beans with avocado 6.95
  6. chick pea scramble with zucchini, asparagus, spinach, avocado 6.95


  1. fromage with brie and roquefort
  2. fresh asparagus brie, crème fraîche
  3. smoked salmon egg whites, red onion and crème fraîche
  4. smoked ham baby swiss, crème fraîche
  5. applewood bacon spinach, crème fraîche
  6. sausage with mushroom, provolone and crème fraîche


QUICHE $4.75

  • broccoli and mushroom
  • lorraine with bacon and cheddar
  • sausage and pepper


  • avocado with cream cheese, sprouts, red onion and eggs any style
  • hummus & beet with blueberries, feta, almonds and spring mix
  • salmon with cream cheese, red onion and hard boiled egg
  • bacon tuskegee with fried egg, peanut butter, red onion and dijon


small house salad $3.75
cup of soup $3.50
fresh fruit $3.25
roasted potatoes $2.95
yogurt parfait $3.25
cottage cheese $1.95


mesclun with almonds, cranberries, carrots and feta 6.95
apple with avocado, almond, carrot, feta, cranberries and balsamic 6.95
roasted beet & quinoa with roquefort, walnut, sweet potato and balsamic  6.95
greek with tomato, artichoke, capers, feta, hummus, red onion and egg 6.95
chicken caesar with parmesan, croutons and egg 7.95
la mie cobb with turkey, ham, swiss, avocado, carrot and egg 7.95
smoked salmon with capers, onion, tomato and egg 7.95

house salad and cup of soup 6.95

soupe du jour cup 3.50 bowl 5.25


brie grilled brie with provolone, pesto and roasted tomato 5.00
grilled chicken pesto with provolone and tomato 6.00
chicken salad with tarragon, celery, walnut and cranberries 5.00
french ham with brie, lettuce and dijon 5.00
turkey with swiss, bacon, lettuce and mayo 5.00
albacore tuna with carrot, currant, almond and avocado 6.00
egg salad with dill, scallions, mayo, lettuce and pickles 5.00
veggie with portobello, sweet potato, red pepper, hummus, pesto, sprouts 6.00

 any sandwich add a side for $1.95 (fresh fruit, small salad or cup of soup)


coffee 2.00 / cafe au lait 2.50 / hot chocolate 2.80 / chai 3.75 / tea 2.00 / steamer 2.50 / espresso .95 / 1.85 / 2.80 americano 1.50 / macchiatto 1.85 / cappuccino 2.80 / latte 3.50 / mocha 3.75

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